Insurance Claims

Legal Representation of Property and Business Owners in Insurance Claims

If you are looking for an attorney or lawyer to represent you in your property damage or business loss claim you have reached the right page. This page also applies to property and business owners who have a insurance claim to make for either their residential property, commercial property, and/or business insurance. On this web page you will find find useful links for many organizations that pertain to you.

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What We Do for Our Clients?

Our goal is to assist individuals and business owners in ensuring that the insurance policies they have been paying for, for years, does not minimize or walk away from paying their claim, in their time of need. Types of claims typically involve: water damage, roof leaks, hurricane, windstorm, accidental damage, theft, vandalism, sinkhole, collapse, business interruption, etc. A portion of our practice is dedicated to these very issues and assisting property and business owners.

How to Hire Our Firm

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At The Mirza Law Group, LLP we represent Property and Business Owners in fairly maximizing their claim with the insurance carriers, we help and strive to get our clients to that optimum position. Call or email us at the number on this page and put our team to work for you.

Insurance Company’s Modus Operandi

Whether you have already submitted a claim, or are considering filing an insurance claim with your insurance company, we can help. Common sense dictates that what insurance companies payout in damage claims, they cannot keep; hence it is in the very nature of “for profit”, which most insurance companies are, to preserve as much of their cash as possible. That is when the interest of the insurer versus the insured create a conflict. Hence, you need a team of advocates on your side: a loss consultant or public adjuster and a law firm.

Claim Pitfalls

Although you can file a claim on your own, there are many potential pitfalls to it. There are many reasons that insurance companies give to decline claims. Beware of the Pitfalls - Insurance companies will at times payout less due to poorly documented files. The most common reasons cited for denying a claim or minimizing a recovery payout include: (i) Failure to timely report (ii) Failure to show proof of loss, (iii) Failure to cooperate in the loss investigation, (iv) Lack of maintenance by the Owner, (v) Normal wear and tear, (vi) Defective construction of the building component, (vii) Failure to repair from last hurricane, (viii) Condition preexisted the policy; (ix) the Casualty was not a casualty because there was no "sudden event" such as a hurricane, tornado, pipe burst, etc.

Role of a Loss Consultant or Public Adjuster

If you decide to use our Firm for filing your claim, we will need the assistance of a loss consultant or public adjuster (collectively referred to as loss consultants). Loss consultants are the investigators of the claim that are on your side. Their role is to play field agent and help document, quantify, and catalog your claim; which is the assistance that most lawyers need to move forward with the case. Public Adjusters are also uniquely licensed to directly interact, file and negotiate your claim with the insurance companies. The common statements attorneys hear from loss consultants and public adjusters; if you don’t carry the threat of litigation insurance companies are inclined to minimize the insured’s claim. Choosing the loss consultant is your choice; even if you hire our Firm before or after retaining us, the choice remains yours.

The Reality of Insurance/Property Damage Loss Claims

No matter how big or small your claim there are many factors that will affect your ability to recover from the insurance carriers. Such as, what is or is not a covered loss; because there are lots of legalese and fine print in the insurance policy contracts, those terms are intended to not just provide detailed clarity, but also limit the insurer’s having to pay out. Similarly, what the insurance carrier might think is minimal loss may in fact may be far from the truth. Hence the discrepancies in insurance policies and their legal interpretation matter and so does the diligence and intelligence of your loss consultant. Either way, one thing is for certain, the claim settlement you expect to reach will be different than what you had expected, some times above and sometimes below expectations.

Commitment to Transparency and Diligence

If and when you decide to put our team to work for you, it will be extremely important for you, your loss consultant and our team to feel comfortable with the other’s involvement and diligence. For our work to be collaborative, it will require honesty, transparency, logic, and a lot of hard work.

Statement Regarding Intent to Defraud

Pursuant to § 817.234, of Florida Statutes, any person who, with the intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any insurer or insured, prepares, presents, or causes to be presented a proof of loss or estimate of cost or repair of damages property in support of a claim under and insurance policy knowing that the proof of loss or estimate of claim or repairs contains any false, incomplete or misleading information concerning any fact or thing is material to the claim commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in § 775.082,  § 775.803, or § 775.084, of Florida Statutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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