Healthcare Professionals

Legal Representation for Physicians and Physician’s Groups

If you are looking for physician’s lawyers or physician’s group lawyers or attorneys in Florida, you have reached the right page. This page also applies to dentists, chiropractors, therapists and veterinarians, looking for an attorney to represent them. Here you will find useful links for many organizations that pertain to you. Additionally, If you are looking for a lawyer or an attorney, to review contract, buy or sell a practice, or have to respond to a subpoena, we ask that you give us the opportunity to put our team to work for you.

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What We Do for Healthcare Clients?

Our goal is to assist physicians and physicians’ groups in the operations and management of their practices. Whether you are just setting up a new practice or have an established practice, your time is too valuable to waste and your practice is too valuable to put at risk. Although we assist Healthcare practitioners in defending claims made against them, we do NOT represent patients, insurance carriers or prosecute medical malpractice lawsuits.

Business Compliance Sphere

Our firm assists physicians and physicians’ groups with legal counseling needed to:

  1. Form new medical practices, joint ventures and partnerships
  2. Set-up of new offices
  3. Enter into real estate contracts or leases
  4. Construction contracts and financing
  5. Purchase or lease of equipment
  6. Contract with equipment vendors
  7. Contract service vendors/providers
  8. Engage medical billing services
  9. Hiring contracts and termination of employees
  10. Regulatory reporting, HIPPA compliance, Stark Law compliance
  11. Risk management investigation and counseling
  12. Answer third party information requests, ie., subpoenas
  13. Provide asset protection planning, ie., wills & trusts, corporate limitations, and separation of business segments
  14. Assist in the sale and winding down of medical practice operations

We represent professionals and professional offices that deliver services and practice in the area of medical and medical specialties, dental and dental specialties, podiatry, optometry, chiropractor, medical labs, veterinarian, therapists, and other healthcare professionals.

How to Hire Our Firm

Our Firm offers low cost replenishing retainer programs, along with continuous representation for purposes of 24/7 questions and concerns so you can call an attorney when you need them the most.  You can obtain legal representation by simply calling us and then click on the red engagement box on the top right hand section of this page, fill out the information, upload the necessary documents. Then you will get a receipt confirmed, followed by a draft engagement agreement delivered to your email, pay your retainer through PayPal or check, and shortly after that you will get a confirmation that our Firm has been engaged.

At The Mirza Law Group, LLP we represent Physicians and Physicians’ Groups, we help and strive to get our clients to that optimum position. Call or email us at the number on this page and put our team to work for you.


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