Engagement Letter & Fees

Legal Representation, General Corporate Counsel

On Retainer

Client Name: Primary Client Contact Name/Company

Dear [Client Contact Name________________________]:

We understand that you desire to have our firm, The Mirza Law Group, LLP, to represent you/your company as its attorneys in general legal corporate matters. A portion of our practice is focused on the legal needs of physicians and small to mid-sized physicians’ groups.  Our representation pursuant to this Agreement shall become effective upon our acceptance of employment.

Depending on your needs, you may want to choose:

_________ (initial) Continued Legal Corporate Counsel –  If you wish to engage our firm on a continued basis, the initial and replenishing retainer is $1,500. Of the $1500, $500 will be an annual representation charge that includes: 24/7 on-call mobile/text availability of an attorney, and most general questions are answered without direct hourly billing charge. OR

_________ (initial) Intermittent Special Project Counsel –  If you wish to engage our firm on a one-time per project basis, the initial replenishing retainer is $2,000, until the work is completed. It does not include availability of an attorney 24/7, and hourly rates will apply.

We require an initial retainer fee before we review the necessary information and documents or take any action related to this representation.  All retainers will be deposited in the firm’s trust account and will be applied toward the fees and costs incurred in this matter.  We may further require and request that you maintain a minimum balance in our trust account at all times, depending on payment history and usage.  Upon completion of our representation, any excess retainer will be refunded to you by the firm.

The firm will bill you at the firm’s standard hourly rates for attorneys, which currently range from $275/hour for associate to $375/hour for partner.  We will also utilize law clerks, paralegals, paraprofessional staff where possible; their hourly rates currently are $150/hour.  If these rates change, we will notify you thirty (30) days in advance.  It is understood that the hourly time charges include, but are not limited to:  court appearances, telephone conferences, office conferences, legal research, depositions, review of file materials and documents sent and received; preparation for trials, hearings, depositions and conferences; drafting of pleadings, instruments, office memoranda and correspondence.

Additionally, you will be responsible for all costs incurred on your behalf which typically include court costs, exhibit preparations, experts or consultants, deposition costs, travel expenses, and there is no added charge for standard office costs such as postage, copying, scanning, and conferencing charges.

The firm will bill you on an as needed basis and payment is due upon receipt of our statement.  Please make your payments through PayPal or a check payable to The Mirza Law Group, LLP.  Any unpaid balance that remains outstanding thirty (30) days after the date of our statement for services will accrue interest at an annual rate of eighteen percent (18%) on the unpaid balance. Furthermore, if our fees are not paid timely, we will terminate our services and withdraw from any proceeding or case then pending.  Additionally, should it become necessary, you will be responsible for any costs and attorneys’ fees incurred by this firm in collecting any unpaid and outstanding balances owed.  Until the sums are paid in full, we shall have a lien on all of your documents, property, or money in our possession for the payment of all sums due and outstanding.

As prescribed by The Florida Bar, the following factors will be considered as guides when determining the reasonableness of fees for legal services, such as the following:  (1) the time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved and the skill requisite to perform the legal services properly; (2) the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar services; (3) the amount involved and the results obtained; (4) the time limitations imposed by you or by the circumstances; (5) the nature and length of the professional relationship with you; (6) the experience, reputation and ability of the attorneys performing the services.

If this letter and the attached Client Information Sheet and Confidential Details accurately reflects our understanding, we request that you sign the original and return it to our office along with the initial retainer fee.  A copy of this letter is enclosed for your records and information.  Unless and until we receive the signed copy of this letter, along with the initial retainer payment, we may elect not to undertake any work on your behalf.

Your cooperation in this matter is very important; specifically, you must keep us informed of all relevant facts and circumstances and respond promptly to all papers sent to you.

We look forward to working with you on this matter.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call at any time should you have any comments or questions about our representation.




Assad S. Mirza, Esq.
Managing Partner

Member of Florida and DC Bars
Member of AICPA
Masters of Law in Taxation

Personal Mobile/Text: (954) 445-5503


Acknowledgment of Desire To Employ The Mirza Law Group, LLP

I/We understand and agree to the terms set forth above and do hereby employ your services in accordance with the same, and authorize you to use our/my funds held in your trust account for attorneys’ fees and costs incurred during your representation.

Dated:  ______________________ By: ________________________________________

Acceptance of Employment By The Mirza Law Group, LLP

Dated:  ______________________ By: ________________________________________